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Exide EL150L

Exide EL150LThe new EL range are manufactured as per Exide’s proprietary Torr Tubular technology using one of the world’s most exclusive, advanced and state-of-the-art ‘HADI’ high pressure spine casting (at 100 bar) machines, which is not commonly available.With hi-tech R&D center at Kolkata, Exide has developed the high-corrosion resistant and robust spine technology using the HADI process, which ensures a super fine grain structure, for strength, long life and highest reliability. ApplicationsTough tall tubular battery with thicker plates for tough conditions.Made with Exide's Torr Tubular technology.Housed in tall DIN containers.More electrolyte - higher acid volume per ampere hour.Most suitable for deep cycle application...


Exide Insta Brite

Exide Insta Brite IB1500 (150Ah)Exide Insta Brite promises superior power backup at a fantastic price. With Exide Instabrite, you can be sure that there will be no shortage of power in your home. Get instant brightness with the best. Get Exide Instabrite.Unique features and superior technology: Advanced Hybrid Technology that is best suited to withstand high temperatures as well as thick plate construction with special paste formulation. Special hybrid alloy system leading to low water loss and dual plate separation(PE+GM) that reduces the possibility of premature failureEasy maintenance: Float/float guide to indicate electrolyte level. Battery Capacity: 150 AhBattery Type: Flat Plate BatteryWarranty: 36 Months(18 Months Free Of Cost + 18 Months Pro Rata)..


Exide Inva Tubular IT500-42

Exide Inva Tubular IT500-42Exide InvaTubular batteries are next generation Tubular battery, which are designed to withstand long and frequent power cuts. The ultimate tubular batteries especially designed with thick tubular plates are best suited for areas with frequent power cuts. These long lasting batteries have 30% more Acid volume per ampere hour than ordinary tubular batteries. Exide InvaTubular batteries can also withstand over charge better. Its superior features have made it the most demanded inverter battery. FEATURESTough battery with thicker plates for tough conditions. Made with Exide's Torr Tubular technology.Housed in tall DIN containers. More electrolyte - higher acid volume per ampere hour. Most suitable for deep cycle application.Electrolyte level indicator...


Exide InvaMaster IMST1500

Exide InvaMaster IMST1500The Exide INVAMASTER Range of tubular inverter batteries are designed with thicker plates and 20% more electrolyte to withstand power outage. This invaMaster tubular battery comes with a warranty of 36 months and requires very low maintenance. Standard rangeTubular plate DesignSuitable for Deep Discharge1000 Cycles @ 80 % DOD..


Jumbo UPS High Capacity Series (IGBTs Based)

Jumbo UPS High Capacity Series (IGBTs Based)The Jumbo UPS High Capacity is specially designed for running Industrial Load and High Capacity Sophisticated Appliances.Microtek Hi-End UPS are best suited for Appliances with Motor and Compressor Load that requires High Surge Current.Key Features:Pure Sinewave OutputRatings starting from 6500i/96V to 11000i/180VMicro Processor based PWM Technology using Hi-Grade IGBTsAdvance Battery Management (ABM) for Longer Battery Life and Quick ChargingStatic UPS with LCD DisplayBest Suited for most High Capacity Sophisticated Applications.Generator Compatible.In-built TDR (Time Delay Relay)...


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