Software How it works?

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1. The software is an Online, Multi State, Multi City, Multi Store, and Multi Vendor Ecommerce software by which any individual/store/shop/company (from now will be referred as VENDOR) can sell their unlimited inventories (products/services) via their own exclusive online store.

2. The online stores of each vendor will also appear in the common ecommerce portal/marketplace. Vendor need not have a real physical store/shop.  The products/services offered by VENDOR for sale via his online store will be in possession of VENDOR itself.

3. The online store software will be charged to VENDORS from minimum 500/- onwards based on the number of different inventories the individual/store/shop/company has for selling. This charge will be a onetime lifetime payment for the VENDOR with no annual maintenance charges or any additional charges.

4. Whenever any purchase occurs of any product/service by an end customer via the online store of any vendor, the payment will be received by us (via various online/offline payment methods). We then after deducting flat/percentage service charges will make the remaining payment to the respective store owner from whose online store the sale occurred.

5. The vendor then will deliver the product/service purchased by the end customer either independently and/or with the help of us and/or with the help of franchisee of us, present in that district as the case may be or as defined.

6. Thus we as a software company will only be the facilitator (along with our franchisee's if any) of the sale/storage/delivery of products/services of various VENDORS present in our ecommerce portal/marketplace.

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